Creative Everyday is a collection of true stories from people who live and work in the creative industries.

SIGNS FROM OTHER WORLDS is a collection of hopes, fears and weird ideas.

Witch Knots is a graphic novel about the endless cycle of good and evil. There is also a cat.

The Day and Night Drawing Book is filled with art activities for rainy day fun. Download the PDF for free or buy the book here.

The Longshoreman & the Snake as an animated fable narrated by cartoonist Jess Fink.

weird mirror.png

MARCH 3 is an eighty foot long, scrolling music video for the album 'March 3' by the band, The Few Moments.

The Aquarium Drift is a novella about a sailor's adventure to the edge of the world. Download the e-book and audio book for free.

My Paradise Diary is about the time I went to Costa Rica with a bunch of friends and a set of thirty-six Pentel Color Pens.

Witch Knots is a font I made based on my hand-lettered book of the same name. A tasteful alternative to Comic Sans. Download it here.

Comics Club! is a tumblr of cartoons drawn by kids at my comic workshops.