Growing up, I'd get lots attention for my art. I'm not bragging! I was bad at band and I was horrible at sports. I was good at drawing because it was the only thing I practiced. Grown-ups would say to me:

Font: Mission Script by JAMES T. EDMONDSON @ Lost Type Co-op  

Font: Mission Script by JAMES T. EDMONDSON @ Lost Type Co-op

To a kid, UNIQUE means DIFFERENT which means sitting alone at lunch. I could tell I left an impression, but what were these people really trying to say about me and my art?

I think I figured it out. As an artist and teacher, I spend the work day leaving impressions on people. Sometimes those impressions get forgotten seconds later. That comes with the trade. But sometimes, an impression sticks. Why? Because it's new and exciting. Unique isn't a type of person, it's an experience.

A creative person can create these experiences. Yeah, it takes practice. But it is not a rare skill. Go be creative! Make something, teach something, share something with the people around you. Sooner or later, someone will realize they just had a moment that was truly unique. Which is a good thing.

AuthorIra Marcks